March 4, 2020

Naturally Austin’s Statement on COVID-19 & the Postponement of Natural Products Expo West 2020

With the growing concerns around COVID-19, and postponement of Natural Products Expo West, we know our community and the natural products industry as a whole is facing many challenges. Many of our members are small companies who made major investments to attend Expo West and are facing the harsh reality that many of the connections and potential opportunities that would have come to fruition will be delayed or not occur, coupled with the fact that as this crisis continues there may be more negative consequences.

We are inspired by how members of our industry are stepping up to help offset the losses experienced by entrepreneurial businesses and keep them thriving. Many service providers and influencers are offering free or discounted services, retail buyers are taking calls they normally would not, larger brands are using their voices to support smaller brands and New Hope Network is making plans to help offset the Expo losses of smaller brands.  

This is the type of heartfelt leadership that we want to encourage within the Naturally Austin community. We’ve taken a small step by starting a publicly editable google sheet for companies and individuals to share how they are willing to help or what they need and how to connect.

We encourage everyone to rally together, keep the industry growing and thriving during this time – share knowledge, make connections, mentor each other, promote each other’s brands and in true Austin fashion, find the moments to laugh and celebrate together. 

Best Regards,

Genevieve Gilbreath

Naturally Austin Board President