Naturally Austin & Naturally Boulder Presents the Earth Day Webinar Series: Branding & Messaging Your Natural Product Webinar

Tuesday, Apr 28





Join the Naturally Austin and Naturally Boulder in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day for a webinar in three parts focusing on natural brands and sustainability. In this second part of our series, we will hear from experts in the industry about how to authentically message your brand, create effective packaging, and share your unique voice on your website and through social media channels.

Moderated By Arron Mansika, Executive Direct of Naturally Boulder

Arron is responsible for all operations leadership functions for Naturally Boulder and became the group’s first staff employee in 2009, after having served on the board of directors for three years. Arron founded Boulder’s Best Organics in 2006 with the vision of enhancing Boulder’s leadership in the natural products industry by offering gift boxes of organic products made exclusively in Boulder. Fun fact: Arron started his first entrepreneurial “business” when he was five years old, selling to other little kids the small toys he carved out of acorns!


Sylvia Tawse | Founder of FIG

FIG founder Sylvia R. Tawse has conducted national campaigns for dozens of brands. Her “healthier-living-for-all” commitment is evident in her nonprofit work, from Chef Ann Cooper’s and Salad Bar Project, to years of work for the Boulder County Farmers Market. Sylvia was an instrumental force in the “Keep Organic Organic” public awareness campaign for the Organic Trade Association, which resulted in the highest number of letters received by the USDA, all 280,000+ of them. Sylvia has firsthand knowledge of the food industry, from the ground up. She and her husband own Pastures of Plenty Farm, a 32-acre organic farm in Longmont, Colorado.


Alison P. Sauter, Founder and Creative Director | Shelf Studio

I chase the things I want most — even if I don’t exactly know how to get there. And that’s exactly what brought me to creating SHELF Studio. But let’s go back to the start: It begins with my passion for packaging.

I’m a gift-giver, and there is nothing more beautiful to me than a thoughtfully designed package. So in 2001, I went to the place that does packaging best: The Netherlands. With a little bravery and no plan whatsoever, I pedaled my portfolio door-to-door until [finally] an agency took me aboard. In Holland, I worked for international clients including Snapple, Whole Earth, Unilever, and Schwepps.

I returned to the States more than five years later to find work in San Diego at a string of agencies, where I rounded out my skills to grow new brands and reinvent established ones. Five years there, and I was off to the place I would call home: Austin, Texas.

My Austin home and SHELF Studio might be the most recent incarnations of my calling to craft brands that spark, but that’s always been inside me. And through the trust of my clients and a lot of serendipity, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.


Rebecca Bartlett, Principal & Creative Director | Bartlett Brands

Rebecca is an entrepreneur, brand innovator and sustainable packaging expert. She is the founder of Bartlett Brands, an award-winning branding agency based in San Francisco.

From cosmetics to consumables, Bartlett Brands brings the all-girl power to brand innovation and sustainable strategies that challenge the status and cut through the quo.

Lauren Golik, Art Director | Bartlett Brands

Lauren is an Art Director at Bartlett Brands, an award-winning, boutique branding agency in San Francisco. She leverages brand strategy to create holistic visual brand narratives—identity, packaging, photography, video and marketing campaigns for clients ranging from cosmetics to consumables.

Lauren specializes in Sustainable Design, working closely with clients to help them lessen environmental impact through innovative design, packaging and materials. She’s passionate about educating brands and consumers on how to make more sustainable choices.

Pilar Ochi | Vice President, Marketing for Alter/Eco

Pilar leads marketing and innovation at Alter Eco, a sustainable chocolate company in San Francisco. She previously led consumer packaged goods at Blue Bottle Coffee and began her marketing career at Clorox and Visa. She loves learning about consumers and seeing her products bring joy to consumers’ everyday lives.


Stephanie Stahl | CEO and Co-Founder of Ace of Air

Stephanie is a dynamic consumer driven business leader with expertise in the beauty, fashion and wellness industries. As CEO of Ace of Air, a circular beauty and wellness business launching in early 2021, she is leading the development and launch of this zero-waste DTC skincare and nutritional supplements brand. Stephanie was formerly Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at both Coach and Revlon, and CEO/Partner with Gwyneth Paltrow at the Tracy Anderson Method.