Distributor Deductions: How to Handle Deductions Without Pulling Your Hair Out

Thursday, Apr 9

Thursday, April 9 at noon CT




Distributors are an important part of the natural food world, but navigating their deduction and dispute systems can be confusing, frustrating, and an administrative burden. Webinar host Jenna Gelgand will give tips on how to minimize the overall amount of deductions, outline the most common deductions, and explain how to most efficiently review deductions and file disputes. This webinar will focus on UNFI and KEHE.

About Jenna: Jenna Gelgand spent 5 years at Whole Foods Market, first on the litigation team and then on the Investment/Local Producer Loan Team where she helped hundreds of brands access capital and understand how to work with the coveted retailer. She then transitioned to the brand side with MALK Organics, leading their finance team and creating their deduction review process. In her collective experience, she’s reviewed millions of dollars worth of deductions, filed thousands of disputes and learned the cat-and-mouse deductions game.