Retail Planning in an Uncertain Time

Thursday, Apr 2




Information is changing daily with the current COVID-19 pandemic and its short-term and long-term impact on retail. Jeff Lovering from Customer Marketing Group will walk you through the most up-to-date details on what’s happening at retail plus a look into the what the future might hold.

About Jeff Lovering: Jeff is an experienced consumer packaged goods professional with a diverse background across multiple manufacturers, retailers, and categories. He has experience consulting and performing analytics at over two dozen manufacturers in consumer products in the US, Canada and S. America. He has managed trade spending, strategically planned customers, assisted negotiations with retailers, and analyzed acquisitions and exit strategies. I oversee data analytic operations and product development while working closely with clients to advise them in managing trade spending and making strategic and tactical decisions using analytics. However, support doesn’t stop with handing off numbers. CMG supports execution, from HQ to the field. In short, we help companies define and execute successful corporate strategies and tactics with Trade Fund Brokerage.