Virtual Tasting Experience with Prova – the expert in sweet brown flavors since 1946

Thursday, Jul 9

July 9 at 1:00 p.m.




You’ve heard of Smell-a-vision, well, not just yet, but the next best thing to that is a virtual tasting with PROVA! Naturally Austin presents, for the first in a series of on-line virtual tastings, you can discover the nuances of vanilla, learn how cocoa extract can boost your chocolate profile as well as reduce cocoa powder use, and explore some of the different profiles of caramel. Brought to you by PROVA, the expert in sweet brown flavors since 1946.

In order to get your FREE tasting kit to you on time, the registration for this webinar begins June 1 and ends June 25. Once you have signed up, you will receive an email asking for your name, address (no PO boxes please). Due to capacity, this webinar is for members only and for those who are interested in including or currently have products that need vanilla, chocolate or sweet brown flavors (caramel, maple, honey, coffee, dessert notes, etc.).

Melanie Breitner, Director of Business Development

Melanie Breitner is currently the Director of Business Development for PROVA, a global extractor of Vanilla, Cocoa and Coffee as well as the manufacturer of Sweet Brown Flavours. Melanie spends her time working with, incubators, accelerators and entrepreneurial companies to help them bring their vision of a product to the supermarket shelf. Melanie loves to share her knowledge of nearly 40 years in the food industry with anyone needing help to get to the next level. This can be in the technical area, flavour or extract need, or looking for operational assistance or scale up, Melanie can help you find a solution. Previously Melanie has worked as sales managers for couple of different flavour companies. Prior to going into sales, Melanie held numerous technical positions in the food industry, including, but not limited to food micro, R&D, Technical Services as well as being a Food Safety Inspector for the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Brian Wilson, Food Technologist

Brian has been with Prova for 5 years exploring the use of flavors and extracts across the food industry, focusing on product flavor profile analysis. Before that he worked in Ready-to-Eat Foods, Regulatory, and Process Improvement rolls. Brian has a Bachelor of Food Science from University of Massachusetts Amherst. In his free time he enjoys creating fancy bakery and pastry projects and kickboxing.