Ohi Food Co Takes Top Prize at Naturally Austin’s Inaugural Pitch Slam

Over 500 industry leaders celebrated Austin’s thriving CPG Industry at Naturally Austin’s first annual Pitch Slam.



Ohi Food Co Takes Top Prize at Naturally Austin’s Inaugural Pitch Slam

Over 500 industry leaders celebrated Austin’s thriving CPG Industry at Naturally Austin’s first annual Pitch Slam.

AUSTIN, Texas – November 5, 2019 –  Naturally Austin hosted its inaugural pitch competition at the Austin Central Library, where hundreds of natural products industry leaders gathered to explore 30 of top up-and-coming Austin brands.

Nine entrepreneurs competed in the first Pitch Slam competing for $20,000 in start-up services, and a guaranteed spot in the Natural Products Expo East 2020 pitch and free booth space on behalf of New Hope Network.

The opportunity to participate in Natural Products Expo East can catapult a brand.

The nine entrepreneurs included:

  • Ohi Food Company:  A Superfood Bar Company.  Co-founded by Lilly Wunsch.
  • Gardenio: A next generation garden club for new food growers. Founded by Roman Gonzalez.
  • Ladybird Provisions: Butter Coffee made simple. Founded by Sarah Rioux and Nicole Pinedo
  • Prep U Products: Making all natural teen hygiene for guys. Founded by Michelle Houp.
  • Shar Snacks: Natural trail mix. Founded by Peter Rushford.
  • Slice of Sauce: Transforming bottled condiments into mess-free Slices. Founded by Emily and Cole Williams.
  • Snack Jack Jerky: Making plant based beef jerky from Jack Fruit. Founded by Diana and Julian Dussan.
  • YAYAYA:  A clean yaupon tea.  Founded by Rachael Young.
  • Bhoomi Cane Water:  Super botanicals mindfully crafted with delicious cane water.  Founded by Arpit Bhopalkar

More details about the event are here.

“Our goal is to provide Austin’s brands a bigger platform to promote their products and share their passions. The Naturally Austin Pitch Slam  helps raise the awareness of the CPG companies. With over 500 industry leaders in attendance – this provides Austin brands the opportunity to expand their networks and grow their businesses,” said Jake Sloan, Executive Director, Naturally Austin.  “This event is the place for the CPG industry nationally to discover the next wave of CPG innovation to come out of Austin.” 

Four judges including Clayton Christopher, Founder at Cavu Ventures; Janica Lane, Managing Director of Piper Jaffray; Marissa Duswalt-Epstein, Director of University of Texas – Nutritional Sciences & Management; Jody Hall, Vice President of H-E-B evaluated the 3 minute pitches to select the winner.

“I believe Naturally Austin is already elevating the CPG community here. I moved here from LA about a year ago, and the people I’ve met through Naturally Austin have become friends as well as business connections,” said Lilly Wunsch, Co-Founder, Ohi Food Co.  “I am a big believer in using your resources and being part of your community, and this prize package just leveled us up in both.”

Naturally Austin offers monthly community events and resources for CPG innovators in Central Texas. See our upcoming events here.

About Naturally Austin.

Naturally Austin is an economic development organization dedicated to nurturing and promoting the natural & consumer products industry in Austin Texas.  Naturally Austin launched March 2019 and is a growing community of manufacturers, service providers, founders, investors and individuals in the Central Texas area.  Naturally Austin members receive meaningful connections to mentors and peers, access to cutting-edge business education, networking with investors and partners, and participate in community celebrations.  Visit us online at www.naturallyaustin.org.

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