Combo Loco Video Next Steps!

So you’re joining us on this really fun Combo Loco journey…HOORAY! Here are the steps that you have already taken: 

  • You have paired up with another member.
  • You have had an initial meeting and decided on what makes your Combo Loco so special.
  • You have collaborated with and decided what your pitch outline is and maybe even finalized your script.

So what’s next… it’s time to record your Combo Loco pitch for the public! The goal of this is to have fun, be yourselves and connect with the community of members and larger Austin Community. This video will be what could launch you into the finale of the Combo Loco pitch slam based on a combination of public voting via YouTube as well as specific member voting, so keep that in mind.

Directions & 3rd Party Platforms

Each member pair will create a 90-120 second video that pitches why they are a great Combo Loco match and why they both should make it to the next round. This should be fun and engaging! Highly recommended recording via Zoom, or recording separately and then piecing together with some basic editing tools. 

  • A few recommendations to add additional flair and graphics to your video:
    • Canva – videos, animations, photos, graphics and more
    • Unsplash – free, downloadable stock images
    • Pixabay – another resource for free, downloadable stock images
    • iStock – downloadable photos, videos and animations for a fee

Recording Guidelines

Keep your video short and sweet! It should be around 90-120 seconds. In this clip be sure that you do the following:

  1. Introduce yourself (include your name, organization)
  2. Briefly explain what your Combo Loco is and why you decided to partner. 
  3. Convince the viewers to vote for your combo loco so you can move on to the next round of Pitch Slam 2020!

Want to see a sample from the Naturally Austin team using Zoom, iMovie and Canva tool? Check it out!

Quick Recording Tips

  • Filming this on your phone or computer is great! No special cameras or equipment required. 
  • Your options are to record via zoom with so that you and your Combo Loco partner can pitch ‘together’ or to film separately and combine the recordings into one video. 
  • If filming on a phone, we recommend that you film HORIZONTALLY, not vertically. 
  • If possible, please use a makeshift tripod by leaning your phone against an object so it is still while you record. 
  • MEMORIZE, MEMORIZE, MEMORIZE! It is way more fun and engaging when presenters aren’t just reading from a screen, take the time to memorize what you want to say. 
  • Lighting is important, consider filming in a well, even lit room with natural daylight. Be sure that the daylight is in front of you and that you don’t stand directly in front of it as it will cause you to be backlit. 
  • No brand logos on your clothing, unless it is for your organization/company, and we recommend that you avoid wearing busy patterns
  • Here are some simple helpful filming tips!

How do we decide who makes it to round two?

The final winning five combos that make it two the next round of our Combo Loco Competition is determined by the number of “likes” on your video – so be sure to promote as much as possible! In order for your videos to make it to our Naturally Austin YouTube channel for voting it must: equally feature both brands and meet technical requirements (90-120 seconds – it’s A-OK if you are a little over!)

The pairs who move into the final phase of the Combo Loco Competition will have the opportunity to pitch in front of our esteemed panel of Judges on or around October 15 in a private virtual pitch session. These pitches will be highlighted at our event in which the winner is announced on October 27.

Be sure to watch the videos and place your vote today!


How do I upload my video?

Once you are happy with your video please upload it to this google drive or email them directly to Please make sure to submit no later than Friday, September 25. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to